Indian Food available in the mess in our Universities

We have our own Indian mess with Indian food within the University hostel where you will get Indian Breakfast, Indian Veg as well as Non-Veg Thalis.

Students staying in our hostels will enjoy the facilities of 3 times Indian food per day, Free Internet access. Price only 110 to 120 USD  per month approx for fooding.

Cooking in Hostel Room or Private Apartment:

If any student stay in a private apartment sharing with other friends then its better to cook on his/her own. All vegetables, Egg, Chicken, Meat, Beef are available nearby. Prices same as in India, some vegetable items are costlier than India.

Similarly you can cook your own food in Hostel too if you want ( not in all universities ). Kitchen facilities are available in every hostel floor. You need to buy your own utensils.

No need to buy anything from your home land. We will take you to the stores and markets to help you in marketing in the initial days. No other Agency can give this service.
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